Three Minute Update: November 8, 2012

A & C Wings – Prior to the storm, Washington Computer Services was in Festa re-positioning and configuring Wireless Access Points (APs) for A and C Wings. Then the storm hit, which delayed the progress. Washington Computer Services will be back next week to continue

D-Wing – Due too the storm which delayed the installion of APs, CCC will now begin Round 2, removal of WirelessN D-Link AP’s from elementary schools, as we then begin the installation of N Access Points into D-Wing. This process will most likely begin on Monday. Richard Hernandez will advise once we start mounting in D-Wing.

Gmail During the Storm – The District lost internet access during the storm as a result of downed Cablevision lines.  As a result, some users unable to authenticate to the email server.  Gmail is completely independent from our District servers, and was never down.  We have refined the geographical locations of our log-in screens so that a loss of Internet service in the data center will not disrupt email communications outside of the District.  Without Gmail, email communications between district personnel during the storm would not have been possible.

Emergency Communications – For weather related updates, please do not rely on any one source of information. Please consider checking (#ccsdschools), checking the District website at, checking the New City Patch, checking our new Alerts page (, or signing up for our text messaging service (see below),

To sign up for the District’s text messaging service, please text  @ccsdalerts  to (845) 445-6333 (our new local number).  If you have already signed up for these alerts, there is no need to re-register.

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