Three Minute Update: October 10, 2011

A lot has  been happening behind the scenes, and the information below should provide details for all stakeholders.  Further questions should be directed to the school’s technology liaison or principal.

Elementary Schools – The computers for each elementary school have been delivered and are ready for imaging and distribution.  This will  begin when the remaining paperwork has been signed, something that Dell is in the process of finalizing.  Each elementary school will have:

  • A minimum of 26 new small form factor multimedia with flat screen monitors install in the computer lab
  • A minimum of 15 Dell 2120 netbook computers for the fourth grade
  • Wireless network and internet access in the fourth grade wing
  • A projection unit and pulldown screen for second grade classrooms that do not already have a projection unit.
  • The computers that are removed from the computer lab will be update to Windows 7 and additional RAM to provide each classroom K-3 with additional computers in the classroom.  The replace the N-Computing devices that were there for the past few years but which are incompatible with Windows 7.  The installation will coincide with the deployment of the new computers to the computer lab.

Installation of new computers will begin with the elementary schools, as the classrooms have been without multiple computers since school opened.  Richard Hernandez will coordinate with the vendor to schedule these installations.  

Felix Festa Middle School Campus
 – Felix Festa Middle School will have:

  • Ninety Samsung Google Chromebooks
  • Near ubiquitous wireless access
  • A Dell 2120 netbook for most teachers
  • New or newer computers for each classroom with a SMART Board and underpowered computer
  • New computers for the Library Media Center
  • Ten Dell 5420 laptops for the technology program

North High School – North High School will have:

  • New computers to replace outdated ones in its library and computer labs
  • Rooms with SMART Boards using older computers will have those computers replaced
  •  Thirty CR-48 Chromebooks, donated by Google
  • Sixty netbooks for student use (purchased by North and already in use)
  • A Dell 2120 netbook for many teachers
  • Near ubiquitous wireless access throughout the buildings
South High School will have:
  • New small-form factor desktop computers for the library and one of the computer labs
  • Sixty netbooks for student use, replacing two outdated computer labs.
  • A Dell 2120 netbook for many teachers
  • Near ubiquitous wireless access throughout the buildings
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