Three Minute Update: September 15, 2008

Student usernames and passwords – There was a slight delay in getting usernames and passwords to students who registered in the district after the middle of August.  Our department has met and we are refining our system so new users are automatically registered and receive their username and password within 24-48 hours at their school.  Toni and Katrina will provide more details as necessary.  We are also beginning to explore other systems which will keep all our key systems in sync with minimal user intervention.


Technology Committee  Please note that the tentative technology committee meetings for this school year are as follows: 


Technology Committee – All grades/subjects (Main Conference Room, Chestnut Grove): Tuesday Oct.  2 ,Tuesday,  Nov 4,Tuesday,  Dec 2 (B Side), Monday,  January 5, Tuesday, Feb 17, Tuesday,  Mar 3 (B Side), Tuesday,  April 7, Monday, May 11,  Tuesday, June 2

Secondary schools technology subcommittee:
Tuesday, October 21, Wednesday, November 19, Tuesday, December 16, Tuesday, January 20, Tuesday, February 10, Tuesday, March 17, Tuesday, April 21, Wednesday, May 20, Tuesday, June 16

Elementary schools technology subcommittee:
These meetings are scheduled for the 1st Wed. of the month at West Nyack Elementary School Library as follows: 10/1, 11/5, 12/3, 1/7, 2/4, 3/4, 4/1, 5/6 and  6/3

Once the committee is established, these dates will be sent out as meeting invitations to eliminate the need for each of you to enter each date in your calendar; just accept the invitation when it arrives.  This year, our plan is to meet once per month as a complete committee, and once a month for elementary and once a month for secondary.  The middle school will likely join the elementary schools, as the schedules are much more closely aligned, though this is open for discussion.  I will be working with the principals to ensure that there is representation for each grade and subject area (though from different schools), and will send notification to principals via the WIT.


Acceptable use policy – After our first technology committee meeting, I will share with the group as draft of a revised acceptable use policy for our students.  This revision is needed in order to more closely reflect the district’s strategic goals.  I will bring the completed near-final draft to the National School Boards conference that I will attend in October and share it at a session that is designed specifically to review district AUP’s.


Supporting New Technologies – Not all of our support staff have had training with regard to some of the new technologies that we have rolled out this summer.  Specifically, Tech TA’s will need some time to learn the first line of defense steps for N-Computing and SMART Boards.  We will review this at the upcoming Tech TA meeting.


SMART Document Cameras – We are currently evaluating the new SMART document cameras (aka Elmos) for classrooms to determine if they are the best tool for our needs.  If we determine that they do meet our needs, we plan to order these for the kindergarten classrooms.  The curricular needs will determine the ration and our purchasing strategy (i.e. one per classroom, one per grade level) and John Calvert will include these cameras as part of his professional development sessions.


SMART Senteo Devices– The district has ordered one class set of these “interactive clickers” for South High School and one for North High School to be piloted by the mathematics department.  Professional development will be provided as part of the ongoing SMART Board integration sessions led by Technology Learning Facilitator John Calvert.  More on Senteos available at 

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