Three Minute Update: September 26, 2011 Elementary Schools (hardware)

In the next few weeks, new hardware will arrive in our schools.  Though this is exciting in its own right, the real excitement is what our students will be able to do with them.  In our elementary schools, each computer lab will receive 26 new machines, and grade four in each school will receive a cart of 15 netbooks.  We are in the final stages of installing and configuring the wireless networks in the fourth grade wings.

The older computers from the labs will be updated to Windows 7 and two will be placed in each K-3 classroom.  This is in response to requests from teachers, providing computers necessary to support the classroom instructional needs.  Our solution for the past years of using N-Computing devices is no longer viable as our current models are not compatible with Windows 7.

All second grade classrooms that do not have a projection unit will have one mounted and a pull down screen provided.  It is our intent to add a SMART Board to second grade classes that do not have one and replace the K-3 “temporary” N-Computing computers.

In a district our size, sometimes it’s difficult to reach all stakeholders.  If you hear information different than that listed above, please help spread the correct information.  Some teachers were unaware that there would be two more computers added to their classroom (K-3) and thought they were left with only one computer and two flatscreen monitors that weren’t connected to anything.  Of course, the flatscreens will be attached to the two N-computer replacements once the brand new computers are installed in the labs.  We look forward to an exciting and productive year, maximizing our students’ access to digital resources as a means for increasing student engagement and performance.

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