Two Days in Philadelphia: Exploring the Potential of Web 2.0 in the Classroom

This weekend, John Calvert and I attended a conference led by Will Richardson, and the agenda and links can be found on Will’s wiki. The conference, “Web 2.0 for Classroom Teachers”, was held at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. The principal of the school, Chris Lehmann, was inspirational and represented to me the epitome of a visionary educational leader. On Friday afternoon, the teachers openly shared their experiences with us and gave us a tour of the school. We were fortunate to have such generous hosts. It’s incredible to see the power of a strong team of educators develop a school from the ground up.

The discussion on the first day ranged from an overview of various Web 2.0 tools to a more philosophical discussion of “what it all means.” We explored the idea that the larger discussion relates, in part, to helping students shape the quality of their time spent online, working with them to provide strategies for managing time and making good choices.

It’s evident that the Web 2.0 tools that exist today can transform classrooms, and the intuitive nature of using them, once the basics are mastered, allows teachers and students to creatively apply any variety of strategies to support their construction of knowledge.
I have posted my notes from the conference on Google.

The future is here, and it’s fantastic! Now more than ever we are able to transform our students’ experiences and truly make a difference. The journey will be an exciting one, and by providing our students with authentic and engaging learning opportunities (often self directed) the potential is limitless.

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