Why Google Play for Education Will Disrupt the Current Tablet Model

Google has taken tablets to a whole new level, allowing teachers to search for apps, videos, books, and other digital resources by content area, CCSS, grade level, and more.   As with the Chromebook, it is possible to deploy a large number of devices in “minutes or hours, rather than days.”

The potential for this is unlimited.  The digital resources can be pushed directly to groups of Nexus devices.  Teachers can manage devices for their classes as well, and–to top it off–purchase orders can be used!  Though a few months old and intended for developers, this video will give you a deep enough understanding of why this promises to be quite the disruptive technology!  Special thanks to +James Yap for introducing me to this exciting new development!

With the Nexus 7 selling at $229 and $30 for the management component, it begs the question; why would we spend a dime on textbooks?

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