Writing is Thinking: Finding and Sharing One’s Voice

I was fortunate to join four other teachers and spend time working on our writing after school was out.  The five of us chose to coach each other in our efforts to improve our voice and fill our own need to write, regardless of the catalyst.  I was able to get out a few essays in the “Wonder Years” genre–a genre which I doubt they identify as such in formal English classes.  Of course, this exercise helps shape a personal understanding of the writing process and serves as a clear reminder of the challenges our students face with their creative writing, including the time, patience, and coaching that helps move a rough draft to a finished work.  After many revisions and several readings, I got to a point where I considered my essay to be complete.

Weeks later, when my daughter suffered a concussion and could not read, I told her I’d record some of my essays so she could listen to them and chuckle.  To my joy, she called and shared how much she enjoyed them!  This step, moving from written text to an oral interpretation of one’s writing is valuable, and is one our students can do quite easily.

The first essay I chose to share via audio is “Water from the Skies on a Perfectly Sunny Day” and I’ve decided to post publicly on this blog.  I hope you enjoy it. Please post comments if you are so inclined.

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