Year End Technology Procedures at CCSD

As the Department of Instructional Technology begins the end of year network processes, I would like to remind you of the steps that will be taken over the summer.  Our team is available to provide support and answer any questions you may have.   

If you need support or have questions, please reach out to others in your school (tech TA, technician, building tech liaison, tech committee members) first.   

Click here for a list of who to contact.   If they are unable to provide the support you need, they will reach out to our engineers and other staff as necessary and provide you with the necessary answers or support.   

Please share the following information with all staff members and students. 

District network – Please note the important information regarding files saved on the district’s networks 

  • AllShare Folders –  All files will be deleted after June 26, 2008.  Students who wish to keep files from this folder should save to a CD, DVD, or  Teachers may do the same, or save to their  :/h drive.  NOTE: Felix Festa – Tcommon ( I ) will not be deleted.
  • Shared Network Folder (Grades K-2) – All files will be deleted after June 26, 2008.  Students who wish to keep files from this folder should have them saved to a CD or DVD.  Teachers may do the same, or save to their :/h drive.  K-2 teachers who has been saving their work to general student folders should move any files they wish to keep to the h:/ drive.  All contents of the shared network folder will be deleted.   Please make sure you are saving to your network folders.  (If you are unsure about what this means, please talk to your building Tech TA).
  • Retirees and others not returning to the district – All files will be deleted after June 26, 2008, regardless of whether or not you may return as a substitute.  Your access codes will be inactivated and your files deleted.  If you would like to keep your files, please save to a CD or DVD.
  • Student folders – All student folders and their content will be deleted.  Students who wish to keep files from their network folder should save to a CD, DVD, or 

Email Maintenance 

  • Attachments – We will be deleting all email attachments sent prior to July 1, 2006.  If you feel that there are attachments you need to keep, please save them to your H:/ drive or back them up to a CD.
  • Trash Bin – We will be permanently deleting the contents of your trash bin.  You will not be able to restore them once they are permanently deleted.
  • “Sent Items” folder – We will be deleting any attachments in your SENT folder prior to July 1, 2006.  If you’d like to save any files, please organize them by moving them to another folder.
  • Network Drive (H:/ Drive) – Please be aware that you need to maintain your network drive (H:/) on a regular basis.  If you are storing music or video files, please make sure you are backing them up to either your local drive or to a CD.  Your folder should not exceed 1.5GB (without special permission).

School Web Lockers

  • All current data will be left untouched over the summer.  We can upload any new classes for summer classes.  If that is something that’s needed, please have your department chair or principal contact Toni Piscitelli directly.
  • In September, we will upload new class lists and all the current data will be updated
  • Current 12th graders will be deleted
  • New 4th graders will be added
  • Password for current users will remain intact
  • All files will remain intact if stored in the user’s home directory.  If they are stored in a class folder, they will be inactivated (will be able to be retrieved by SWL).  

I wish you a good summer, and look forward to an exciting 2008-09 school year!

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